Translation Services

Command Financial provides comprehensive solutions for mutual funds, corporations, law firms, and others who wish to translate and localize their documents either into or from non-English languages. We can translate into more than 120 languages for virtually any type of translation project including shareholder communications, compliance documents, financial reports, website localization, or other material.
Command Advantage: 
The Command Advantage
  • Significant scalability to ensure large projects get completed on time
  • Domain expertise brings familiarity with commonly used financial and legal terms, thereby leading to superior translations.

Our services include virtually every aspect of a translation initiative, from project planning through to execution and delivery. Projects are completed professionally, on time, and within budget and with the highest level of accuracy. Customized glossaries can repurpose terminology and phrases to deliver a consistent and accurate message. This is particularly valuable for mutual fund documentation and shareholder reports where industry-specific terminology is used. 

Command’s translation services integrate seamlessly well with our other services related to document creation and distribution and, depending upon your specific project requirements, typesetting of translated material is also available.

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