Command Financial puts its Experience, Passion, and Technology to work for its clients each and every day. That's why the quality of the organizations who have selected Command as their document lifecycle management partner is second to none. We work with many Fortune 500 companies, leading mutual fund families, and more than half of the American Law Top 100 law firms. Many of these organizations have been with us for more than a decade, and some since our founding.

From time to time, we at Command Financial would like to provide our client base with brief updates on selected transactions and projects for which we have provided financial printing services. Recently, Command was the financial printer of record for the Everyday Health IPO (please see client testimonial below).  We’ve also provided financial printing for a number of high-profile transactions such as the Coty IPO, as well as various other capital raising initiatives and M&A projects.

If you are raising capital through an offering, planning M&A activity, or about to engage in other complex transactions that require demanding financial printing services, please give us a call and let us tell you about how our full service solution can meet your most exacting needs.

See what our clients have to say about the quality of our service and capabilities:

“We saved $500,000 in year one with CAPS, and that was without EDGAR Slayer.”

Major East Coast Insurance Company

“I appreciate all of your help with our Fund bar charts and best/worst table automation.  I received a call from the person in our accounting team that reviews this information every year and he was very happy with this new process.  He said it reduced his review time by 50% and the accuracy was 100%, which was not always the case in prior years.  All of the time and hard work paid off, so thank you!   I look forward to getting back to automating the remaining tables after our May 1 update.”

CAPS Client, Major West Coast Mutual Fund Complex

“I was extremely impressed throughout our entire IPO process with Command’s quality of work and timeliness, as well as the expertise of their staff.  I look forward to working with Command on future projects.”

Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Everyday Health

“Command Financial is the 3rd financial printer I have had the opportunity to work with and it has been my best experience.  Command Customer Service is very responsive, quality of the work and communication is consistent, any issues are addressed quickly, and my team and I can sleep at night.”

Director of Paralegal Services for a major U.S. Mutual Fund Complex

“My colleagues and I want to thank you and your team for all the hard work you have put into handling our tender offer…please extend our heartfelt thanks to your team for making it all happen despite the very challenging conditions.”

Senior executive of a pharmaceutical company commenting on services provided for a tender offer involving both US and European parties.

“I got my copies of both books. They look awesome. The work, your team, everything was amazing. I was worried about a transition because our previous financial printer was pretty much on autopilot at this point, but I think I may have done even less work this time than I did with them. My favorite thing about Command is the open lines of communication. I never felt like I couldn’t contact someone there and I always got fast answers to my questions. I am looking forward to working on our next report with you guys. Thanks!”

Marketing Executive from a Northeastern Mutual Fund Complex


“We’ve used CAPS to manage the content for all our prospectuses and it paid for itself in cost-savings within a year.”

Senior Attorney at a Major Mutual Fund Complex


“The support from the CAPS team is best-in-class and that is a significant differentiator.”

Senior Counsel from leading fund complex, among US top 10 in AUM


“Everyone has done a super job; and I appreciate how Command Financial was able to ramp up capacity so effectively on, essentially, no notice.”

CFO from a company on its successful IPO


"I've worked with all the major printers and my experience with Command was fantastic. I am very pleased with the service and product your group produces. There is a CSR at Command that is better than anyone I ever worked with."

Partner at a major New York law firm on a referral to Command


"...our outside counsel and bankers were pleased with the quick and accurate work on the project, which was on a very fast timetable along with the Thanksgiving holiday in the middle of the deal."

CFO of a major Midwest utility


“The whole team at Command has done an excellent job pulling three tight timelines this week on the project. Through a series of proofs, you guys have consistently hit or bettered your projected timeframes and presented top notch work product.”

Attorney regarding an S-1 filing for a client


“Thanks to the entire team involved in the recent and very challenging EDGAR project. You successfully filed our 2,300 page EDGAR document on time under a nearly impossible deadline.”

Attorney for a major mutual fund company


“Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you to the Command staff regarding the EDGARization and filing of our 10Q. The EDGAR looked great first time through and, for the first time, I had no changes of any kind.  It was almost too easy.  Just wanted to say thanks, the doc came back when promised, in great shape and the process was very uneventful. Just as I like it.”

Corporate Secretary for a NY-based company

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